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People think too much
- Ajahn Chah

Thinking does not bring things to a conclusion. It turns them over, evaluates and balances, analyzes, and thinks up 'if, then' hypotheses. Thinking busies itself with probabilities and possibilities in the future and things that could/should have turned out otherwise in the past.

If you follow the path of thinking, you end up continuing to think. Thinking just extends but doesn't lead to completion.

An insight is the realization of a truth. Truth does not need to be weighed or evaluated. Insight cannot be commanded; it comes on its own accord. It rises.

So the best breeding ground for insight is an environment in which it can bubble and ferment at will, until it rises. Keep your attention focused on the object without any preconceptions or judgment, and don't try to force a conclusion. Simply tolerate not-knowing instead of trying to solve it immediately.

Insight cannot be commanded;
it comes on its own accord. Rob Brandsma

There is a saying in the East: ‘If the monk does not know, he lies down.’ You don't have to lie down; taking a small step backwards is enough, a small step away from thinking and doing. It will create space in your mind, bubble space for insight.

For only insight brings things to a conclusion.

From: Rob Brandsma , Elke dag mindfulness, Scriptum Uitgeverij